Productivity Workshops

We help unravel the challenges your workforce face at the workplace and introduce them to tools, techniques and behavioural changes that can help improve personal productivity.

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Productivity Consulting

We tailor programs aimed at understanding the work habits and behavioural patterns of your workforce and recommend interventions that can help boost personal as well as team productivity.

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Productivity Tools

Are you looking for productivity tools? We can help you build simple, easy to use productivity tools customized for your workplace.

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Why P2x?

We are living in an era where our clients and customers are constantly expecting us to deliver more with less. With the work, workplace and workforce constantly changing, organizations have to look at innovative ways to keep its employee productivity high and workforce happy.

We at P2x Consultancy Services™ have designed innovative consulting programs aimed at helping organizations boost its employee productivity. We help employees discover, introduce and implement new ways to reshape working habits at the workplace. These programs can result in enhanced personal productivity, better throughput, effective usage of time and positive behavioural change.


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